Chart of Noise Ratings

​Our standing record made last year was 123.0 decibels

140 Decibels

Aircraft carrier deck

130 Decibels

Military Jet Taking off with afterburner at 50ft away

120 ( painfull, 32 times as loud as 70dB)

Chain saw

110 - 114 Decibels

Steel Mill, Turbo fan aircraft take-off, live rock concert

110 (Human pain threshold 16 times louder than 70dB)

Out board motor, power lawn power, motorcycle, jack hammer and a jet fly over at 1000ft ceiling

90 Decibels ( 4 times louder than 70dB)

Average factory, freight train at 15 meters away, propeller plane fly over at 1000ft ceiling, food blender

80 Decibels

Passeneger car at 65mph, freeway noise from 50ft away, vacuum cleaner

70 Decibels

Conversation level at a bar

Rev Competition

Saturday July 27th

Right after the Burn Out Competition starting at 1pm

​Free to Participate!

The Let it RIP, Let it ROAR Rev Competition

How does it work? 

Simple, hammer the throttle or ease it to the floor, it's your choice to make your ride roar.

Big blocks always win?

No, we have had 6 cylinder cars beat much bigger motors.  There are various reasons some rides are louder than others. Try it out just to brag with your friends or wake the neighbours ! 

How loud will you go ?​

July 26 -28


Registration/waivers will be completed 1 hour prior to the events at  Lions pavillion.